Wooden Spoon S

Wooden Spoon S

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A small wooden spoon with a round head. The head size is as same as a tea spoon but round and deep. 
A wooden spoon is very useful for not only eating but also cooking. 
Some ingredients (i.e. honey, mustard, vinegar) are recommended to use wooden utensils to scoop because of chemical reactions
A wooden spoon is good for eating food with any temperature from madly hot soup to freezing ice cream.  
It will be your pleasure to see and touch with the natural wooden material in your kitchen. 
This spoon is made with apple wood, which is very tough but elastic so good for any tools. 
If you take care the wooden spoons properly, you can use them for decades and enjoy aging your spoons! 

Handmade in Latvia
*Due to the nature of handmade and natural material, this product is only one in the world! 

- Size ------------------------

Width 3.5 cm
Width (the handle) 1.8 cm
Length 14.5 cm 
Depth (outside) 1.6 cm
Weight 12 g


-- Material -------------------

Apple wood

-- Care ------------------------
For using wooden cutleries for life time, we recommend to care them as below...
-DO wash the utensils in hot soapy water fairly quickly after use.
-DON'T keep soaking in water for a long period of time
-DO pat the utensils dry with a cloth and let air dry. (dishwasher is not recommended)
-DO rub your spoons with food-grade mineral oil.